A letter from the pastor

Although First United Methodist Church has existed to impact our community dating back to Postville days, we are entering into a fresh season of transforming lives and Lincoln by following Jesus together.

We are a group of apprentices of Jesus Christ. Apprentices don’t have everything figured out. Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes we do it imperfectly. Apprentices are people who seek to learn a way of living — a way of doing things. Jesus is not only a compelling figure from history. We experience Jesus in our everyday lives and seek to learn a way of living from him — a way that helps us past our brokenness, past our limitations… a way into wholeness and the abundant life that Jesus came to give.

By following Jesus, we are seeing lives transformed: relationships being healed, addictions and past hurts being overcome, people being freed from debt, and people no longer feeling tossed about by the storms of daily life. Interested?

The great thing about apprenticeship is that you don’t need to know anything to begin. All that apprentices need is a desire to learn a new way of doing things and someone who knows at least a little bit more than they do who can point the way forward.  We would love for you to journey along with us as we, too, are learning this better way. It won’t be “perfect” or bump-free, but we will see together the difference that God is still making in our world and in our lives.

Thanks for visiting!

Pastor Michael