our Staff

At First UMC our staff and volunteers work hard to equip others to join in the great things God is doing in and through our faith community.

  • Rev. Michael Paulson

  • Rev. Brad Curtis

  • Julie Hinds-Jackson

    Dir. for FirstKids & Kids Clubjulie.jackson@lincolnfirstumc.org

  • Jeff Hendricker

    Director of Traditional Worshipjeff.hendricker@lincolnfirstumc.org

  • Rachael Judd

    Apprentice Groups/Discipleshiprachael.judd@lincolnfirstumc.org

  • Millie Releford

    Administrative Assistantinfo@lincolnfirstumc.org

  • Zach Buscher

    Ministry Intern/LCU Studentzach.buscher@lincolnfirstumc.org

  • Tina Lynn

    LEAD Team - Invite Leadtina.lynn@lincolnfirstumc.org

    Favorite thing about Lincoln 1st: The people!!!  I feel more at home when I pass through the doors of this church than anywhere else!  I love that I have ‚Äúrefrigerator privileges‚ÄĚ. I love that when we have a need so many are willing to step and help either with their time or money.  This has been so memorable to my children in the way the folks of this church give.

  • Melody Browning

    LEAD Team - Apprentice Lead -melody.browning@lincolnfirstumc.org

    Favorite thing about Lincoln 1st: My favorite thing about FUMC is the positive message.  The blood of Jesus was shed for each one of us regardless of our past or present circumstance.  The gift of grace is for everyone.  You hear and feel that acceptance here. 

  • Tom Letterle

    LEAD Team - Connect Leadtom.letterle@lincolnfirstumc.org

    Favorite thing about Lincoln 1st: My favorite thing about being a member is seeing change and how it affects us all.  Most intriguing is how we all respond to change in a Christian way.  Our church has definitely moved in a positive, caring direction and the volunteers have blessed the ministry so much. 

  • Chris Miller

    LEAD Team - Administrative Leadchris.miller@lincolnfirstumc.org

    Favorite thing about Lincoln 1st: The diversity of our Sunday services, and the many friends we have made following Jesus together! The congregation welcomed us with open arms 22 years ago, and they are still just as welcoming!!

  • Linda Schneider

    LEAD Team - Send Leadlinda.schneider@lincolnfirstumc.org

    Favorite thing about Lincoln 1st: My favorite thing about this church is the feeling of family I enjoy and the genuine caring of the members.

  • Katie Lynn

    LEAD Team - Youth/Young Adult Leadkatie.lynn@lincolnfirstumc.org

    Favorite thing about Lincoln 1st: I have been going to this church since I was in preK. However, I became a member when the second service started almost 4 years ago.

    I don't remember much about our church from when I was younger. I don't remember the past pastors very well. I do however remember my parents saying that our church was dying over 6 years ago. I love that I was 12 when our church started to change; that way I can remember what happened. I love that I was around to watch the resurrection of FUMC. As FUMC was being revived and growing I entered a dark time in my life. Without my church, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I love my church because we have grown together and I consider FUMC my second home.