Nothing will change your life like meeting God each day through prayer and listening to God through the Bible!  Join us for R.E.A.L. daily bible readings.  Not sure how?

  • R – Read the passage twice. After the first reading, pause and reflect, then read again more slowly.
  • E – Evaluate. What is new to me from this reading? What did I learn about God? About myself? About the world or other people? Any commands to obey, principles to follow, or promises to enjoy?
  • A – Apply. Take 3 minutes in silent prayer. Envision yourself meeting with God over coffee.  Ask God to show you how this Scripture can or should make a difference in your life. Ask if there is something specific you are supposed to do in response to what you have read.
  • L – Live into what God has revealed to you through this passage.

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Bible Reading Resources

 Don’t have a Bible handy?  Visit for access to different translations of the Bible and cut and paste the reading (e.g. Matthew 28:16-20) into the search bar.

Tried the Bible before but found the language confusing?  A lot of people have found the Bible easier to understand when using a fresher English translation of the Bible.  At the link above, to the right of the search bar, try the New Living Translation (NLT), The Message (MSG), or the New International Version (NIV).