At the beginning of November 2020 our congregation moved fully online and has currently through February 2021 been online. This Easter, April 4th 2021, we will be regathering in both of our services (9AM and 10:30AM). Based on the current downward trend of COVID-19 positivity rates and after considering the recommended best practices from local and state sources, the Re-Gathering Team has decided to lighten the re-gathering protocols put in place during the fall of 2020. This means that we will NOT be asking people to register for service ahead of time, use specific entrances, or follow predetermined traffic patterns while in the building. Instead, we will simply ask you to do the following:

1. Wear a mask whenever you are in the building.

2. Do your best to maintain the recommended 6ft social distancing space.

3. Assess your (current) health condition before re-gathering for any in person activity; choosing to remain home if you aren’t feeling well. Please note, we highly recommend that all persons in “high risk categories” seriously consider any and all related risks before deciding to re-gather.

In the event that someone in our congregation tests positive for Covid-19 after the re-gathering date, we will continue with all regularly scheduled ministries and send out notifications to the entire faith community via our current communication channels (letter, email, Facebook, etc.).

We will continue to be a hybrid church where we offer everything we do as a congregation online and in-person. We will still be streaming on our website, Youtube and Facebook on Sunday mornings at 10:30AM. 

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